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          Shanghai enterprises and drive technology Co. Ltd. (referred to as special enterprises drive). The company is a professional manufacturer of magnetic powder clutch transmission equipment, all kinds of high precision magnetic powder brake, electromagnetic clutch, worm gear reducer, gear motor, gear motor and other equipment manufacturers. After years of unremitting efforts, and all employees to be conscientious and do one's best dedication, in the development of conventional products to new products, product varieties in more than 1000 kinds, founded at the beginning, always with "diligence, honesty, the letter" the spirit of enterprise culture, to win the majority of customers support and trust, created a special business card magnetic powder clutch and other quality products and establish a good image in the industry from all walks of life.
          The company has rich Taiwan professional design and manufacturing experience, with imports of machinery and processing equipment, refine on, customer and services: business success depends on customer acceptance to you, we have the will and ability to mobilize all of our resources to win the customer's trust, we will continue to use the product performance and quality higher, the market reaction speed faster, stronger ability to control costs, to strive for the success of our customers. We adhere to any organization, company set up process, the system must be based on to provide customers with better service. We emphasize the team spirit, the leaders have to establish and maintain the trust and understanding among team members, responsible organization, motivate and coach team members despite the difficulties, to reach the goal, is the basic responsibility of a leader, the leader is responsible for its own and its subordinate behavior. A good leader should safeguard the interests of the company and values make oneself an example, we believe that honesty, openness and mutual respect is not only conducive to the internal communication and collaboration between, also help with our customers, to establish long-term cooperation between the supplier and all connected with our firm.
          Your choice, my promise, especially enterprise brand electromagnetic brake, magnetic powder clutch, worm gear reducer!

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