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          What are the advantages of electromagnetic clutch brake?
          Date 2013-11-21    Reading times 1988 [close]

          Electromagnetic clutch brake combination referred to as the combination of the electromagnetic clutch brake, and has the following advantages:
          1, simple and compact structure, simple operation, can in a very short period of time to ensure accurate binding. And reliable connection, flexible braking, to achieve automatic control and remote operation on the working mechanism.
          2, a spring seat, a pin, a spring with a friction plate, device capable of axial movement of the spline sleeve, and replace the electromagnetic clutch is widely used in the device, the axial sliding, so that the processing is simple, the installation and repair. The spring seat made of aluminium alloy, reduce the influence of remanence on clutch effect. In the design of electromagnetic clutch and brake combination, only shear on the pin and bending stress can be calculated.
          3, because of the use of fixed on the input shaft of the armature, electromagnetic coil can be fixed on the end cover, overcomes the need to set the connection ring in circumferential coils external rotation of the shortcomings of general electromagnetic clutch, greatly reduce wear. To ensure reliable power supply timely coil. Small control power, long service life.

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          An articleWhat are the advantages of the electromagnetic clutch brake?
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