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          Electromagnetic brake use should pay attention to what?
          Date 2013-11-21    Reading times 1906 [close]

          One, the highest speed: maximum speed electromagnetic brake and clutch. See the specific parameters of the electromagnetic brake, clutch. The highest speed determined by friction. If more than this speed to use, will cause cannot produce the rated torque, the abnormal wear or overheating.
          Two, ventilation: because of electromagnetic brake, electromagnetic clutch friction generated heat to the external radiation, therefore to be installed in the ventilation. When used in ventilation adverse situations, please pay attention to the combination of the second, when necessary, using forced air cooling.
          Three, foreign body: friction surface can not have debris mixed. Fats and oils mixed with cause friction is low, mixed with dust and metal particles, can make partial damage or rotary friction plate. Mixed with chemical agent is the main reason of rust and corrosion. Please note, cover with protection when necessary.
          Four, temperature: electromagnetic brake and the electromagnetic clutch for the insulation class B, normal temperature rise of 40 C, limit of thermal equilibrium when the work temperature not exceeding 100 C, otherwise the coil and the friction parts prone to failure.
          Five, humidity and water: the friction surface electromagnetic brake and clutch if water droplets in the attachment, completely dry before there will be the phenomenon of low friction, and water is the main cause of the corrosion, please give full attention.

          Next chapter What is the need to pay attention to the use of electromagnetic brake in the process?
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