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          Gear motor five strokes and protection measures
          Date 2013-11-21    Reading times 1996 [close]

          Gear reducer motor I think we are not unfamiliar, it is applied to various places in our lives. Planetary gear reducer is the main driving force of industrial and agricultural production of gear reducer, and in operation in the course of daily deceleration motor failure or because of other reasons were destroyed is very common thing. Today we have to remind you to avoid this problem, the protection measures taken in the operation of the machine before our technology, we got the five strokes:
          1 keep the working current of the deceleration motor but. The motor due to overload, the voltage is too low or be driven mechanical clamping stagnation will cause motor overload. Therefore, in operation, should pay attention to regularly check the transmission device operation is flexible, reliable; coupling concentricity is standard; gear transmission flexibility, if found to have card lag phenomenon, should stop immediately after the operation and troubleshooting.
          Control device 2 to regular inspection and repair gear motor, to ensure the normal working. Quality control equipment and technology status of the motor, start the motor plays a decisive role in. Therefore, the motor control gear should be located in a dry, ventilated and convenient location, and regular removal. Always check the contacts of the contactor coil, core, each connection screw is reliable, mechanical parts movement is flexible, so as to maintain the good technical conditions, so as to ensure the motor work smoothly without being burned.
          Temperature and temperature of 3 should always check the running gear motor lift is too high. Should always check whether the motor bearings overheating, short of oil, if found near the bearing temperature is too high, should immediately stop check. Bearing rolling body raceway surface, no cracks, scratches or loss, the bearing clearance is too large sloshing, inner ring on the shaft with or without rotating etc.. Appear afore-mentioned phenomena, you must update the bearing.
          4 speak hygiene, gear motor in operation, if there is dust, stains and other debris into the interior, will form a short medium, can damage the wire insulation layer, resulting in inter turn short circuit, current, temperature and burning of the electric motor. Therefore, should prevent dust, water and other debris into the interior of the motor, but also often to the motor external cleaning, do not let the radiating rib motor with dust and other debris, to ensure good heat dissipation motor.
          5 check the anchor bolts, motor end cover, bearing cover are loose, the grounding device is reliable. If the motor vibration, noise and smell, must as soon as possible to stop, find out the reason and troubleshooting.
          Note the five strokes protection measures, must not make our gear motor that destroyed the phenomenon, the maintenance work is very important. If there are other unclear can directly inquire our! You are welcome to call!

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