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          Problems and reasons of aluminum shell reducer often?
          Date 2013-11-21    Reading times 2013 [close]

          1 wheel wear. The worm usually adopts the tin bronze, 45 steel hardened to HRC4555 by worm material pairing, or 40Cr hardened after HRC5055 worm grinding to roughness Ra0.8 M. Aluminum shell reducer during normal operation and wear is very slow, some reducer can be used more than 10 years. If wear faster, it must consider the selection is correct, whether overload operation, as well as the worm gear material, assembly quality or environmental reasons
          2 small transmission gear wear. Generally occurs in the speed reducer vertical installation, the main oil content and oil varieties. Vertical installation, very easy to cause the oil shortage, aluminum shell reducer stops running, the motor and the reducer gear oil loss, gear without lubrication due protection. At the start of the gear reducer, due to the lack of effective lubrication cause mechanical wear or damage.
          The 3 worm bearing damage. When a fault occurs, even though the reduction box sealing good, often found in the speed reducer gear oil is emulsified, rust, corrosion, damaged bearing. This is because the reducer after running for a period of time, gear oil temperature condensation water mixed with water and cooled. Of course, and also closely related to the quality of bearing and assembly process.
          4 aluminum shell reducer fever and the oil spill. In order to improve the efficiency of worm gear reducer, generally uses the nonferrous metals do worm, worm is a hard steel. Because the sliding friction transmission, operation will produce more heat, parts of the reducer and expansion seal between the thermal difference, thus forming a gap in the mating surface, a lubricating oil due to elevated temperature thinning, easy cause leakage. The reasons for this situation are mainly four points, one is the material with unreasonable; two is the quality of meshing friction surface difference; three is to add the amount of lubricant selection is not correct; the four is the assembly quality and poor operating environment.

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