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          Understand the gear reducer motor
          Date 2013-11-21    Reading times 1881 [close]

          Gear reducer motor is composed by a common motor output shaft installed in front of the last gear reducer on the line, it is widely applied to the stereo parking equipment, automatic warehouse, warehouse, chemical, textile, packaging machinery, printing machinery, machinery, corrugated box machinery, transport machinery, food machinery and other equipment. As to provide power and speed of the bad effects of these mechanical devices, which can also be seen in the main role of gear motor is decelerating force.
          Each machine has its advantages and disadvantages, of course, gear motor is no exception, for example its advantages is in you to regular maintenance in case of high load capacity, long service life. Disadvantage is that the space is small, the seismic performance is not good, the root is easy to break, so everyone in the use must be extra careful these contents.
          In the selection of appropriate machine gear motor, we must first understand the content: the calculation of load torque, load power output, according to the selection of gear reducer motor torque (reference geared motor manufacturers to provide "output torque meter"), determine the gear reducer motor; determine the mechanical operation speed, according to this speed calculation gear motor gear ratio; determine the additional function of gear motors, such as general electric brake, brake, power frequency, shrinking frame, shell material etc.. These are very important, so when the purchase with the new speed electrical communication is necessary, so that you understand things a bit leakage!

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