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          The advantages of gear reducer and motor
          Date 2013-11-21    Reading times 1957 [close]

          Gear motors can also be known as the gear motor, gear motor, which is the most widely used, geared motor has some of the most notable types, namely the gear on gear, gear gear etc.. In fact, gear motor is the easiest of the gear on the gear type, which is composed of sealing in the gear box and a pair of matched gears, gear double oil inlet and an oil outlet. Gear motor discharge of fluid from the backlash and double side wall, the torque produced in half were used to another gear connected to pass through the gear and shaft.
          Part of gear motor gear positioning shaft and the sealing pad provides pressure load and loss prevention device. Outside into the hydraulic oil port directly to the loss prevention device, so that the external pressure slightly higher than the internal pressure, then through the leakage of tooth face reduced to the lowest degree. But in the use of gear motor must take into account the gear motor, in this high pressure, will produce leakage phenomenon is serious, and the influence of gear motor efficiency and precise control of speed.
          The gear motor has the advantages of light weight, low cost, small volume, easy installation, long service life, so in the industrial fields and areas of life are visible to the shadow.

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